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content: International Voice Dialogue Agreement

A team of international Voice Dialogue teachers, supported by Hal & Sidra Stone, developed an International Voice Dialogue Agreement about quality within the widespread Voice Dialogue community.

The International Voice Dialogue Agreement is committed to providing an orientation and guidelines for Voice Dialogue Facilitators and Teachers. Knowledge of these guidelines will help clients and students interested in Voice Dialogue facilitations and courses, to choose people to work with.

All facilitators listed on Voice Dialogue Europe know about the Agreement, subscribe to the Ethical Guidelines as part of the agreement, and support the discussion about quality in our work.

The Agreement is open to discussion. From the original version, it was developed further, integrating comments from facilitators all over the world. Facilitators are welcome to join the list of supporters, by contacting one of the authors.

Find the actual document, and the list of supporters, on the official site of the International Voice Dialogue Agreement, IVDA - www.ivda.info, in various languages.

Hal and Sidra Stone about the International Voice Dialogue Agreement:

(...) We feel that these documents maintain the basic spirit of the work – and the underlying psycho-spiritual values that it represents – even as they present criteria to protect the quality of facilitation and teaching. The spirit of the work is protected by the sense of continuing process, the space for the evolution of consciousness (or the expression of the organizing intelligence of the universe), and the avoidance of rigid requirements because each individual's path - and Aware Ego Process - is unique. The commitment to quality and proper safeguards are well represented by the presentation of ethical guidelines and an enumeration of recommendations both for the basic skills and the ongoing process necessary for competent facilitation and teaching.

Hal Stone & Sidra Stone
Albion, September, 2009

Hal & Sidra further write on their website, in the section about the IVDA guidelines:

(...) We reaffirm our belief that there is no way to credential an Aware Ego process. And, at this time, there is no way to create specific guidelines for the evaluation of an Aware Ego process. It is true that there are basic principles to be learned and basic training to be received. But the amount required will vary from one person to another. And it is of the utmost importance that teachers and facilitators continue their own process in one form or another. We see this as basic requirements. But individuals are different; the form this will take will be unique for each. And the amount of time this will take will vary depending on the individual. (...)

Hal & Sidra Stone. Find the whole statement on Voice Dialogue International.

The Agreement was accomplished through the international cooperation of Franca Errani, Giovanni Civita, Robert Stamboliev, Maria Daniels, Geneviève Cailloux, Pierre Cauvin, J´aime ona Pangaia, Judith Tamar Stone, and Miriam Dyak. For contact details see www.ivda.info.

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