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The Forum of Voice Dialogue Europe is a closed group that can be followed via email notifications and/or online reading. It allows subscribers to exchange information about Voice Dialogue and related issues.

This is a private group and email list, meaning that no one except Voice Dialogue Europe Forum members have access to the list. This will enable us all to share experiences in a safe place, and to help other facilitators who need advice.

The Forum should not be an advertising tool. Workshops and trainings can be listed on the relevant pages. The Forum is for discussions and questions about Voice Dialogue, including such topics as comparisons with other methods, the Aware Ego Process, ongoing private practice, working with clients with certain diagnoses, etc.

The administrators of Voice Dialogue Europe have no responsibility or liability in regard to information provided by the Forum members.

How to subscribe

To subscribe, send an email to: forum (at) voice-dialogue-europe.net
Subject: subscribe

And in the area where you normally write a note type:
< your email address >, < your name >

Please note that only facilitators already listed on Voice Dialogue Europe may subscribe to the Forum.

You may also unsubscribe or get help by replacing the subject "subscribe" with "unsubscribe" or "help."

Within a few days (except vacations of administrators) you will receive an invitation to the group "Voice Dialogue Europe".

For further information please contact the administrator of the Forum,
Myriam Ladeuze,


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