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Hal and Sidra Stone, founders of Voice Dialogue, have published numerous books, audiotapes, videotapes, and CD's, as well as articles about Voice Dialogue. All are in English, and some are available in translations as well. Many other experienced Voice Dialogue facilitators have published books and articles in various languages.

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Books and Media by Hal & Sidra Stone, in English

Books and Articles in Anthologies

  • Hal and Sidra Stone: Embracing Our Selves. The Voice Dialogue Training Manual, Revised Edition with introduction by Shakti Gawain. Nataraj Publishing. 1998
  • Hal and Sidra Stone: Embracing Each Other. Relationship as Teacher, Healer & Guide. Nataraj Publishing. 1989
  • Hal and Sidra Stone: Embracing your Inner Critic. Turning Self Criticism into a Creative Asset. Harper San Francisco. 1993
  • Hal and Sidra Stone: You don't need to write a Book. The Procrastination Manual for Aspiring Writers and Doers. Delos Publications. 1998/2006
  • Hal and Sidra Stone: Partnering. A New Kind of Relationship. Nataraj Publishing. 2000
  • Sidra Stone: The Shadow King. The Invisible Force That Holds Women back. 2000
  • Hal Stone: Embracing Heaven and Earth. A Personal Odyssey. Published by Delos. 2000
  • Chapters by Hal and Sidra Stone in three anthologies: Reclaiming the Inner Child, edited by Jeremiah Abrams; Meeting the Shadow edited by Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams; Gratitude: A Way of Life by Louise L. Hay and Friends
  • Hal and Sidra Stone: The Fireside Chats with Hal and Sidra Stone. 2011

  • Hal & Sidra Stone and many other experienced Voice Dialogue teachers: The Voice Dialogue Anthology: Explorations of the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego Process. Edited by Dassie Hoffman, PhD. 2012

  • Free Download: Hal and Sidra Stone: The Basic Elements of Voice Dialogue, Relationship, and the Psychology of Selves. Their Origins and Development. PDF, 29 pages.

  • For more information about the books see Voice Dialogue International - Bookstore.


  • Hal and Sidra Stone: The Voice Dialogue Series - Teaching Package of 6 DVDs and 8 compact discs. A complete explanation of the Voice Dialogue system.
  • Videos - Ending the Tyranny of the Inner Patriarch / The Inner Critic in Action / The Total Self / The Voice Dialogue Series
  • CD's - various topics: Introduction to the Work (3 items), The Aware Ego and the Selves (10 items), About Relationships (5 items), Soul Stories (3 items), For Professionals (2 items).
  • Audio Tapes - various topics: Introduction to the Work (5 items), The Aware Ego and the Selves (10 items), About Relationships (4 items), Special Topics (4 Items), Dreams.
  • Power Point Presentation I - III: The Stones' Level I Training / The Stones' Level II Training / The Stones' Level III Training

  • List of all Media products by Hal and Sidra on Voice Dialogue International - Bookstore.

Translations of Books by Hal & Sidra Stone

In German

  • Hal Stone und Sidra L. Stone: Liebe bleibt, solange sie tanzt. Partnering. Die andere Art, Beziehung zu leben. Constans Verlag. 2005
  • Sidra Stone: Es ist Zeit, dass du gehst. Frauen befreien sich vom inneren Patriarchen. Kösel München. 1997
  • Hal und Sidra Stone: Du bist richtig. Mit der Voice-Dialogue-Methode den inneren Kritiker zum Freund gewinnen. Heyne Verlag München. 1995
  • Hal und Sidra Stone: Du bist viele. Das 100fache Selbst und seine Entdeckung durch die Voice-Dialogue-Methode. Heyne Verlag München. 1995

  • Free Download: Hal und Sidra Stone: Die grundlegenden Elemente von Voice Dialogue, Beziehung und der Psychologie der Selbste. Ihre Ursprünge und Entwicklung. Übersetzung: Thomas Kunzfeld. PDF, 33 Seiten.

In Italian

  • Hal Stone e Sidra Stone: Il Critico Interiore - Mai più contro noi stessi! Nuova edizione, rivista e aggiornata da Franca Errani e Giovanni Civita. Macro Edizioni. 2009
  • Hal Stone e Sidra Stone: La coppia viva - Come prendersi cura di sè e dell'altro per crescere insieme. Traduzione Franca Errani e Giovanni Civita. Edizioni Crisalide. 2006
  • Hal Stone e Sidra Stone: Il dialogo delle voci: Conoshere ed integrare i nostri sè nascosti. Edizioni Amrita. 1996
  • Hal Stone e Sidra Stone, Tu & Io: Incontro, scontro e crescita nelle relazioni. Nuova edizione curata da Franca Errani e Giovanni Civita. Xenia. 2009

  • Free Download: Hal e Sidra Stone: Le Basi del Voice Dialogue, le Relazioni, e la Psicologie dei Sé. Loro Origini e Sviluppo. Traduzione di Fernanda Abiuso. PDF.

In Dutch

  • Hal & Sidra Stone: De innerlijke criticus ontmaskerd. De Zaak. 1994
  • Hal & Sidra Stone: Thuiskomen in jezelf. De Zaak. 2006
  • Sidra Stone: De innerlijke Patriarch. De Zaak. 1998
  • Hal & Sidra Stone: Van elkaar houden zonder jezelf te verliezen. De Zaak. 2000

In French

  • Hal & Sidra Stone: Le Critique Intérieur. Warina Editions
  • Hal & Sidra Stone: Vivre en couple. Warina Editions
  • Hal & Sidra Stone: Processus d'Ego Conscient. Warina Editions
  • Hal & Sidra Stone: Accueillir tous ses "je". Warina Editions
  • Hal & Sidra Stone: Les relations sources de croissance. Editions le Souffle d'Or
  • Hal & Sidra Stone: Le patriarche Intérieur. Editions le Souffle d'Or

  • Free Download: Hal & Sidra Stone: Les éléments fondamentaux du Voice Dialogue, des relations et de la Psychologie des Subpersonnalités. Origines et développement. Traduction: Véronique Brard. PDF, 32 pages.

Other Languages

Books and Media about Voice Dialogue, other Authors

In English

  • Karin Brugman, Judith Budde, Berry Collewijn: Me, my Selves and I. Discovering other sides of yourself with Voice Dialogue. Thema, Zaltbommel (NL). 2013
  • Hal & Sidra Stone and many other experienced Voice Dialogue teachers: The Voice Dialogue Anthology: Explorations of the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego Process. Edited by Dassie Hoffman, PhD. 2012
  • John Kent: Selves in Action. Publisher: Lulu 2012
  • Miriam Dyak: The Voice Dialogue Facilitator's Handbook, Part I - A Step By Step Guide To Working With The Aware Ego. 1999
  • Robert Stamboliev: The energetics of Voice Dialogue. Publisher: Life rhythm
  • John Kent: Voice Dialogue Online 7-module elearning program: www.voicedialogueonline.com

In French

  • Pierre Cauvin, Geneviève Cailloux: L'intelligence de soi et de l'autre - Comprendre son type psychologique et se développer pleinement avec le Dialogue Intérieur. InterEditions. 2009
  • Pierre Cauvin, Geneviève Cailloux: Embrassez vos opposés avec le Dialogue Intérieur. Éditions le Souffle d'Or. 2007
  • Pierre Cauvin et Geneviève Cailloux: Deviens qui tu es. Le Souffle d’Or. 4ème édition. 2007
  • Pierre Cauvin et Geneviève Cailloux: La Dynamique du Moi Conscient - Guide du Praticien. Osiris Éditions. 2006
  • Pierre Cauvin: La Situation est grave mais pas désespérée - Émissions sur France Inter (CD 1: L’enfant intérieur, L’après coup de foudre. CD 2: Les rêves. CD 3: Il (elle) m’agace - Le critique.)
  • Véronique Brard: La vulnérabilité, clé des relations. Editions Le Souffle d'Or
  • Véronique Brard: Puzzle d'équinoxe. Warina Editions
  • Véronique Brard: Un corps étoilé. Warina Editions
  • Robert Stamboliev: Fondements énergétiques de Dialogue Intérieur. Publisher: Souffle d'or. (Can only be ordered through voicedialogueworld.com)

In German

  • Artho S. Wittemann: Die Intelligenz der Psyche. Wie wir ihrer verborgenen Ordnung auf die Spur kommen. Kösel München. 2003.
  • Robert Stamboliev: Den Energien eine Stimme geben. Transformationsarbeit im Voice Dialogue. Synthesis Verlag Essen. 1992.

  • Ana Barner: Video - Einführung in Voice Dialogue / Video - Einführung in das Beziehungsmodell von Voice Dialogue. Sommer 2010. http://vimeo.com/15089258
  • Cordula Mears-Frei: Audio-Mitschnitt “Ich bin Viele- und das Bewusste Ich”. Symposium vom 3.-5.9.2010 im Benediktushof Holzkirchen.

In Italian

  • Silvia Schiano di Tunnariello: Genitori si Diventa. Collana InnerTeam, Edizioni Sì,2011
  • Franca Errani Civita: Il caleidoscopio interiore. Introduzione al Voice Dialogue - Dialogo delle Voci. Collana InnerTeam, Edizioni Sì, 2010
  • Nora Fusillo con Franca Errani, plus: Aggiungi valore al tuo lavoro e alla tua vita, a cura di Giovanni Civita, Collana InnerTeam, Edizioni Sì, 2009
  • Franca Errani e Giovanni Civita: A tavola con gli Dei. Edizioni Sì. 2008
  • Franca Errani e Antonio Palmas: L'Anima del Management. I 5 passi del successo professionale nella prospettiva del Voice Dialogue. Edizioni Sì. 2008
  • Maurizio Castellini e Linda Gelmetti: "TU" sei una folla. Edizioni Sì. 2007
  • Franca Errani, I Venti del Risveglio. Gli Arcani Maggiori dei Tarocchi alla luce del Voice Dialogue. Edizioni Andromeda. 1995
  • Sandra Muzzi: Io, chi siamo? Gli archetipi femminili e le carte delle Dee.

In Dutch

  • Karin Brugman, Judith Budde, Berry Collewijn: Ik ken mijn ikken. Ontdek andere kanten van jezelf met Voice Dialogue. Thema, Zaltbommel (NL). 2010
  • Robert Stamboliev: De energetica van Voice Dialogue - Uitgangspunten voor Transformatie. Mesa Verde. 1991

In Finnish

  • Jukka Laitakari and Tetra Frey-Laitakari: How to facilitate yourself using the Voice Dialogue Method (in the Finnish language!). 51 pages. Särjettyjen Mahdollisuus ry. (Opportunities for the Broken Ones, registered association). Jyväskylä Finland, July 2010.

Articles about Voice Dialogue

Scientific Articles

  • John Kent, Andrew Moskowitz and Dirk Corstens. What can auditory hallucinations tell us about the dissociative nature of personality? Trauma, Disoociation and Multiplicity: Working on Identity and Selves. Edited by Valerie Sinason. Routledge 2012.
  • Judith Hendin: The Self Behind the Symptom - The Energies of Inner Selves and Body Symptoms. In: USA Body Psychotherapy Journal, 8 (2), 21-30. New York, NY: United States Association for Body Psychotherapy, 2009. PDF
  • Dirk Corstens and Marius Romme: Talking to Voices. Using the Voice Dialogue method with people that hear voices. In: ‘Directieve therapie’, 24 (March 2004), pp. 54 – 68. (English translation: online here)

Articles in Public Media and Books

  • Theres Grau: Voice Dialogue. In: Compendium der Complementär-Medizin. Edition CO'MED. 2011. Download PDF.
  • Ana Barner, Andrea Naurath, Theres Grau: Voice Dialogue - Die Welt der inneren Stimmen erkunden. Paracelsus Magazin 06|10. Artikel (PDF).
  • Cordula Mears-Frei: Die Seele im Dialog mit sich selbst. "Die Psychologie der Selbste". In: info3 04|09 Anthroposophie im Dialog.
  • Cordula Mears-Frei: Partnerschaft als spiritueller Weg. In: info3 06|09 Anthroposophie im Dialog. Artikel (PDF)
  • Theres Grau: Conscious Body - Körpersymptome durch Verstehen heilen. In: SEIN, One World Verlag, Berlin. Juni 2010. Artikel (PDF)
  • Theres Grau: Ich - habe die Wahl. KGS Berlin, Körper Geist Seele Verlagsges. mbH. November 2009. Artikel (PDF)

Article Collections on Private Sites

Related Methods

Either based on Voice Dialogue and/or including elements of Voice Dialogue. See Related Methods.

  • IndividualSystemik: Artho S. Wittemann: Warum wir erst anfangen uns selbst zu verstehen - Die Architektur der Innenwelt. J. Kamphausen. 2009
  • Big Mind Big Heart: Genpo Roshi, Dennis Genpo Roshi Merzel: Big Mind: Großer Geist - Großes Herz. Aurum, Kamphausen. 2008

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