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Here, you may find Voice Dialogue workshops and trainings all over Europe, as well as details about how to become a facilitator.

Get a general overview and first experiences in introductory workshops, find a suitable basic training or various smaller basic training workshops, or look for continuing education workshops if you are a facilitator or quite experienced with Voice Dialogue already.

Become a Voice Dialogue Facilitator

For Hal and Sidra Stone, the founders of Voice Dialogue, it has always been, and still is, important that there is no certification program. A certificate on the wall of our offices might let us think that our own learning is finished. But the Aware Ego Process is never finished!

Also, getting some sessions, going to a weekend workshop, and/or reading a book are not enough to facilitate.

One of the most important prerequisites to be, and stay, a Voice Dialogue facilitator, is an ongoing personal Aware Ego Process. Developing one's own Aware Ego ensures that we do not facilitate from primary selves. You may also compare this to the Quality Criteria for Facilitators.

Some people are pretty fast in finding and developing the space of the Aware Ego within themselves. They can easily separate from the primary selves, and know about the disowned ones. For others, this process takes longer. There is no rule about when, or after what period of time, someone will be able to facilitate clients well, without stepping back into primary selves.

However, there are some important steps on the way to becoming a facilitator:

Steps on the Way

  • Enter your own Aware Ego Process by getting private Voice Dialogue sessions, participating in Voice Dialogue groups, and/or going to workshops that include your own individual sessions. (See Find a Facilitator)
  • Start your training by following a Basic Voice Dialogue Training of one to three years, and/or accumulate various Voice Dialogue Introductions, Basic Training Workshops and Continuing Education Workshops over a period of two or more years.
  • Read books and articles about Voice Dialogue. (See our list of Books & Media).
  • If you are not already some kind of professional facilitator, but are coming from a totally different field, take some time to learn more about facilitator-client relationships.
  • Ask your Voice Dialogue teacher(s) for recommendations about when your Aware Ego process is developed enough to start offering Voice Dialogue professionally.
  • Ideally, find an experienced Voice Dialogue facilitator or teacher to become your mentor and supervisor during your first period of professional facilitation.

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