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The Facilitators of Voice Dialogue Europe

All Voice Dialogue facilitators on this platform are living, facilitating, and/or teaching in Europe. We have some Quality Criteria for Facilitators listed on the platform (see below), as well as Ethical Guidelines, and we know about the ongoing process of the International Agreement.

For Hal and Sidra Stone, the founders of Voice Dialogue, it has always been, and still is, important that there is no certification program in Voice Dialogue. A certificate on the wall of our offices might let us think that our own learning is finished. But the Aware Ego Process is never finished!

Also, getting a few sessions, going to a single weekend workshop, and/or reading a book is not enough training to facilitate Voice Dialogue well. (Compare Become a Facilitator.)

In order to help interested people find a good facilitator near their home, all facilitators on this platform commit to the following criteria:

Criteria for Facilitators on Voice Dialogue Europe

  • Transparency about Voice Dialogue trainings, continuing education, and professional background.
  • Basic Voice Dialogue training & personal Aware Ego process over at least one year, and/or several workshops, supervision & personal process over at least two years.
  • Commitment to an ongoing personal Aware Ego Process, regularly getting sessions from colleagues and/or teachers.
  • Regular continuing education workshops and/or regular supervision & mentoring by a Voice Dialogue teacher.
  • Subscription to the Ethical Guidelines.
  • Knowledge of the International Voice Dialogue Agreement and general support of the discussion about quality within the Voice Dialogue community.

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