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Are you a Voice Dialogue facilitator? Are you offering individual Voice Dialogue sessions, leading groups, or even teaching Voice Dialogue?

We look forward to welcoming you to the online platform of Voice Dialogue Europe!

In order to get listed, please first read Who are we? as well as the Ethical Guidelines and the International Agreement. If you meet our criteria and ethical guidelines, you are welcome to fill in the form, Get Listed as a Facilitator.

In order to list any courses or workshops, you need first to be listed as a facilitator on Voice Dialogue Europe (or at least one of the teachers offering the workshop has to be listed). Find the forms here to list an Introduction, a Basic Training, or a Continuing Education Workshop.

To help us maintain the Voice Dialogue Europe website

Voice Dialogue Europe is a non-commercial platform. However, we ask you a 20 euros one-time participation for the technical realisation, technical maintenance, and the activation of your profile.

For the technical realisation, maintenance and the activation of your workshops and trainings, we ask you a 10 euros participation per year starting from the second year.

Please use the paypal button here below to pay.

If you need help, please send a message to Myriam Ladeuze, Voice Dialogue Europe Webmaster.

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Thank you for supporting our work and for helping create more visibility for Voice Dialogue in Europe!

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