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Are you a European Voice Dialogue facilitator or an international facilitator offering trainings/workshops in Europe? - If so, you are welcome to fill in the following form and get listed on Voice Dialogue Europe.

Please first read Who are we? as well as the Ethical Guidelines. You need to meet our criteria and subscribe to the ethical guidelines in order to be listed on Voice Dialogue Europe.

Your information will be displayed in a standard structure, which you can see if you click on "Details" in any of the entries already listed under Find a Facilitator. We recommend that you first look at those pages and prepare your information. It is not possible to store the data, so you need to fill in the form in one go! And, we would appreciate getting a final version instead of having to correct entries several times after we upload your information.

Fill in the form in the language of your facilitation practice. It will be linked that way in all the language versions of Voice Dialogue Europe. If you facilitate in more than one language, you may fill in several forms in the appropriate languages. If your language is not yet represented, use any existing form. The various entries will be linked in the appropriate languages on Voice Dialogue Europe as soon as translations are done.

We look forward to getting your information!

Contact Information

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Personal Statement

Your personal statement about your work or Voice Dialogue or yourself or ... will be displayed as a quote at the beginning of your Details page. If you would like to quote someone else, please start and end the quoted sentence(s) by " ... " and write the author´s name at the end.

Up to about 400 characters. Please count yourself, as the textarea itself is not limited!
About your Voice Dialogue Practice
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Language(s) in which you are facilitating.

What are the key aspects / themes of your Voice Dialogue facilitation?
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Professional background, other than Voice Dialogue

Introductions   Basic Trainings   Continuing Education

Introductions   Basic Trainings   Continuing Education
Basic Training(s)

List a basic training you completed OR list the most important workshops constituting the basis of your Voice Dialogue facilitation skills. Periods of supervision by a VD teacher may be listed, too.

Use the first entry lines in any case (mandatory fields). For the additional workshops, please fill in vertically under each character; there is more space in the lines than visible.

e.g. 06/2005 - 11/2006

e.g. 175 hours / 25 days


e.g. 06/2001 - 07/2001

e.g. 42 hours / 6 days


e.g. 09/1995

e.g. 16 hours / 2 days

Continuing Education

List the one to five continuing education workshops you followed most recently. Periods of supervision by an experienced Voice Dialogue facilitator may be listed as continuing education, too.

Continuing education may also include presentations at national or international conferences, major publications and/or research activities.

If you did not yet participate in any continuing education workshop, put a slash (/) in the first Title line (mandatory field).

Please fill in vertically under each character; there is more space in the lines than visible.


e.g. 06/2005-11/2005

e.g. 16 hours / 2 days


e.g. 06/2005-11/2005

e.g. 16 hours / 2 days

More information at the following website - if you have a page on your website with more information about trainings, workshops, continuing education and/or supervision, please enter the link to that specific page:

e.g. www.example.com/about.html

I meet the criteria for facilitators.

I subscribe to the Ethical Guidelines.

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