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Make sure the workshop you are going to describe below is an Introduction to Voice Dialogue, and that it is appropriate for participants without any previous experience. If previous experience is required, use the forms for Basic Training and/or Continuing Education.

In order to list any courses or workshops, you first need to be listed as a facilitator on Voice Dialogue Europe (or at least one of the teachers offering the workshop has to be listed). Use the form, Get Listed as a Facilitator. You may send your entries for introductory workshops at the same time that you send your entry as a facilitator.

If you are listed on Voice Dialogue Europe for more than a year. Do not forget to pay the annual participation to the site maintenance. You will find the information on the page Get Listed.

Introduction to Voice Dialogue
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If you have a flyer about this workshop and no personal website, you may send us the document (PDFs only; contact(at)voice-dialogue-europe.net) and we will provide it as a download.

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